AA Kalamazoo Area Intergroup - AA Central Office

Business Meetings on the 2nd Monday of each Quarter: January; April; July; October.

St. Andrews Church, 3621 Covington Rd,, Portage, MI -- 6:00pm

Please feel free to attend and contact us for business meeting info -- kazoointergroup@gmail.com

The Purpose of the Kalamazoo Area Intergroup (KAI) is to aid individual AA groups in their common purpose of carrying the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) message to the alcoholic who still suffers and to foster and encourage the unity and service of the AA legacy by establishing and maintaining the following resources:

  • The KAI operates the Kalamazoo Area Central Office, 126 E. Kilgore Rd. Ste B, Portage, MI. The Central Office is a clearing house for information, a facility to house the A.A. Information phone system which is accessible 24 hours/day, 365/year whether anyone is in the office or not, and as a place for groups and individuals to purchase books, pamphlets, audio CDs, videos and other material related to Alcoholics Anonymous.

  • The KAI maintains a 24-hour telephone answering service for alcoholics seeking help. This is also known as the AA Hotline Kalamazoo.

  • The KAI provides a simple partnership consisting of representatives from Kalamazoo area AA groups to assist and stimulate local AA groups.

  • The AA Central Office provides a website, publishing AA meeting schedules, and other business related to Alcoholics Anonymous in the Kalamazoo area.

  • The AA Central Office also informs groups about upcoming Alcoholics Anonymous events.

  • Notify us via e-mail about any AA meeting schedule changes and upcoming events. kazoointergroup@gmail.com